• Things to do in Tel-Aviv

    Water sports in Tel-Aviv

    Tel Aviv, the second-largest city in Israel, offers tourists a huge selection of activities during their stay in Israel. Most tourists come to Israel during the summer months (June - September) but the city offers a variety of activities even during the winter months.
    The beaches in Tel Aviv fill up on weekends with young people who sunbathe and enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Water activities include surfing, kite surfing, yacht sailing and more.

    In Hayarkon Park, you can hire a kayak, climb a climbing wall or enjoy the many tennis courts, basketball and soccer fields open to the public.
    The long promenade offers cycling trails and Segway tours, and in the evening the pleasant air from the sea turns the hiking trip into a pleasant and relaxing experience. Tel-Aviv is defined as a non-stop city, which means that even in the wee hours of the night you can find an open bar or club to enjoy. The city is very safe to walk around alone and the crime rate in most areas is very low.

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    Tel-Aviv for young couples

    The city offers a very large selection of attractions for young couples looking for thrills. Shared surf lessons are an experience that many couples choose. The adrenaline and excitement that goes with the surfing experience is something impossible for anyone who has not tried to surf. For those looking for more "dry" attractions, the Yarkon Park offers a very large selection of activities, including the climbing wall that is considered one of the tallest walls in the Middle East.