• Things to do in Eilat

    Water sports in Eilat

    Eilat, the southernmost city in the State of Israel, is considered one of the most attractive cities in the Middle East.
    Even during the winter months, the average temperatures are higher than the rest of the State of Israel and the seawater temperature is constant but a little cool.
    In Eilat, you will find a great selection of water sports such as scuba diving, kite surfing, and sup paddle.
    If you are looking for a more relaxed attraction, you can always rent a private yacht and cruise the Red Sea.
    During the summer, Eilat is filled with tens of thousands of vacationers, Israelis, and tourists, all of whom spend the day on the long coastal strip connecting Jordan, Israel, and Egypt.
    In the afternoon the winds get stronger and then dozens of kit surfers go out to sea, or rather their playground, and you have a golden opportunity to try this experience.

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    Eilat for young couples

    Eilat is considered one of the most romantic cities in Israel. In the evening, as the sun sets and colors the reddish-red mountains, a magical atmosphere is created. Every couple who enjoys outdoor activities, such as sailing a yacht, will have an experience they will never forget.
    Among the popular activities for couples can be found diving in the amazing world that is underwater, among the unique coral and the large variety of fish.
    For couples who love extreme activities, Rzr tours in the open areas around Eilat are a great activity, full of adrenaline and fun.