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Hot-air balloons in Israel

Want to celebrate your love? Have you come to propose marriage in an extraordinary way? A romantic flight of the earth in a sphere blooms over Israel's spectacular views, a perfect and intimate atmosphere that will stay in your memory for a very long time!
Some vendors will find perfect romance packages that will include everything needed for an amazing experience. Packages include luxury Zimmer with all the treats, transporting spacious, air-conditioned VIPs and quality, chilled champagne to await you upon landing.

So if you are thinking about a romantic experience or gift for your spouse, a romantic hot air balloon ride is definitely the experience for you. You can combine with a double breakfast or a romantic dinner depending on the flight time. Champagne flights are free flights for a special fun day. They are so-called because in the end they launch a glass of champagne as the best of the word balloons. The Champagne flight is suitable for couples, groups, and individuals and is a unique and enjoyable experience at every celebration or event. Flowering balloon flights are usually tailored in the early morning, where the climate is stable and provides ideal conditions for a safe and enjoyable flight. We usually take off in the early morning, sail in the sky with the breeze and watch the scenery from the bird's eye view. The duration of the flight is based on the wind, between 40 - 90 minutes and the whole experience lasts 4-5 hours.

So what are the steps in a hot air balloon flight?

Balloon Blowing: 30 minutes

At sunrise, the pilot instructs the crew to inflate the balloon. The team invites you to take an active part in balloon blowing experiences or to watch from the side and enjoy the spectacular spectacle of balloon blowing and its rise to the air.
Flight: 60 - 90 minutes

Once the balloon is inflated and ready for flight, passengers board the basket and receive a final briefing by the pilot.
The pleasure and excitement begin from the moment of gentle take-off and the peaceful flight.
During the flight, the pilot explains to the passengers how the balloon works and answers the passengers' questions.
The flight is determined by the direction and intensity of the wind. And the pilot sets the path according to the different wind directions.

The landing

In the final flight, the pilot finds a suitable landing site.

Usually, after landing, it is customary to open a bottle of cool, high-quality champagne, and to lift cups to life as best tradition.
The team that monitors activity from the ground and is in regular wireless contact with the hot air balloon and waits in the landing area to welcome him.
It is important to note that the landing area is not fixed and nothing else is known in advance that increases the flight experience and causes excitement every time.
Hot air ballooning is a coveted once-in-a-lifetime experience and highly recommended as a romantic gift or experience for the whole family.