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Romantic flights / Pilot for a day

Romantic Flights

Want to give a special birthday gift to someone dear or take a loved one or a romantic over the sea flight at sunset?
Want to give a Bar-Mitzvah / Bat-Mitzvah gift to a boy or girl and bring friends to them?

Flying in the skies on a light plane is an experience that will leave you mouth-watering! To see the sunset from above, to be above the clouds, to see the amazing coastline of Tel Aviv from the sea, flying in the sky should be your choice.

The recommended time for a romantic flight is a little before sunset (but it's possible at all hours of the day, as well as at night),
At the start of the flight the pilot will explain to you about your flight route, and immediately take off. Once you reach the altitude of the cruise you will float in a different world, your only world - the sun setting over a golden sea, shadows lengthening on the ground, car headlights turning red and white, a glitter of first stars in the sky and lights on the houses on the ground.

You can add a basket of wine and chocolates and a festive bouquet to the romantic flight.
The entire event can be commemorated with high-quality video. If you like, you can wear the headphones and listen to the connection between the pilot and the controls on the way and if you have any questions your private pilot will be happy to answer.

The flight is an experience that combines a thrilling flight on a plane with spectacular views of the country like you have never seen before. It's the perfect gift for any age - a birthday gift, a bar/bat mitzvah gift, or a gift for parents or a spouse.

Flight preparation

You get on a Cessna plane with professional and courteous pilots and many experiences and flight times. Before boarding - Pass a brief briefing where you will briefly learn about the principles of aviation and instrumentation in aircraft. Immediately after the briefing, you will sit on the plane and prepare for take-off - strap belts put on headphones and… take off.

The flight course

During the flight, you can get explanations about the flight systems, what you see from above and you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains or the cities below.

Suitable for adults and children of any age!
Most flights in Israel depart from Herzliya airport. Flights can be arranged for all hours of light every day of the week.

So if you are looking for an exciting and memorable experience for a birthday celebration or a romantic evening, flying in the sky is the right choice.


"Pilot for a day"

Who didn't dream of being a pilot and experimenting with flying a plane himself?
A one-day pilot is an experience flight conducted in the form of a flight lesson. At the center of this lesson is flying a real Cessna 172 aircraft by the trainee, accompanied by a flight instructor.

You can order the 'Pilot for a Day' flight lesson, or buy as an original and exciting gift for someone loved. A gift recipient will come to us and feel like a flight attendant at a flight school.

The experience of flying an airplane yourself is an exciting and exciting experience, a perfect birthday gift!

The experienced class will start with a 20-minute comprehensive briefing on the aircraft systems and how to fly. Sit on the plane, tighten your belts, put on headphones, and after you get the mirror clearance from the control tower, boost the engine and the plane will take off into the sky!
During the flight, you will experience flying yourself, make altitude, direction and speed changes, listen to communications with the tower and receive full instructions and explanations throughout.

Who wouldn't or would not want to be pilots even once? The flight attendant, opening the "throttle lever" and running on the take-off route with acceleration and acceleration that is difficult to describe, in this flight, we will fly the aircraft from takeoff to landing moment with reference, demonstration, and detailed explanations of the personal flight guide throughout the flight.

This experience is saved to you as a first-class in-flight study so if you want to continue to issue a flying license, these are your first flight hours!

So if you're looking for an original gift for your spouse, "Pilot for a Day" is the perfect gift.