• Frequently asked questions

    Why should I book an activity through the site and not contact the business directly?

    When tourists arrive in Israel, some business owners take advantage of the fact that the tourist is unaware of the price range of the activity and may demand an exorbitant price for the activity.
    We undertake to present on the site the real prices offered to the Israeli market, thereby ensuring that you, the viewer, receive a product at its true price.

    What types of activities can be booked on the site?

    We maintain the site on a daily basis and take care that the selection of activities will be broad and interesting.
    You can find sea surfing or SUP rowing, or nature activities such as jeep or horseback riding, or open-air activities like skydiving or motorized parachuting.

    How can I tell that the prices on the site are up to date?

    The suppliers has access to their profile page and they update the prices on the site on their own. Once a month we contact all the suppliers on the website and make sure that the prices listed on the website are the updated prices.
    If you come across a vendor that sells activity at a price different from listing on the site, please contact and update us by using the contact form found here.

    How to pay on-site?

    We accept all types of international credit cards.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    We allow cancellation of an order and a full refund of an order canceled within 24 hours of the order, provided that no contact has been made with the supplier.
    Starting on the 25th, no refund will be possible.

    Does the site also offer accommodation or just sports activities?

    On our hotel page, you will find links to attractive offers in one of the popular hotels in Israel

    Can I order a gift?

    of course!
    Once you select the activity type, you can choose whether to save the order confirmation or dedicate the activity to someone close to you and send it a confirmation email.

    How long is my gift card valid?

    The gift card is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. The business is not obligated to honor the gift card afterward.