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How it works?

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6 months of validity!

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Escape Rooms
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Carlebach 3 Tel Aviv
iEscape room for 2 people
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escape room

Bar Ilan 8 Herzliya

Escape Room

Escape rooms

Quest Room

Escape rooms

Leon Stein 9 Haifa

Escape rooms in Israel

Escape rooms are an attraction that is spreading rapidly around the world.
You can find them in any city and places you would never expect to find them.
In fact, some people have converted their private living houses into an escape room and rented it out to companies that operates escape rooms.
The escape room allows you to go through a crazy experience in a room full of puzzles and mystery that only after an hour of play will you understand what you really went through.
Your goal is to find clues and solve unique and original puzzles that will lead you to freedom. You have to think fast and make instant decisions and collaborate as a group.
The experience usually takes about 60 minutes and if you get stuck and don't find the solution, there will always be someone to help you.

An escape room is a great experience for couples and as a gift for a birthday or anniversary.